Tong Ren Symposium & Education Conference in Cambridge

Event Spotlight

The 2016 Tong Ren Symposium & Education Conference will take place June 24 to 26, at Lesley University, in Cambridge. Keynote speaker Tom Tam kicks off the event from 7 to 9:30 p.m., Friday night. The symposium continues from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, with a lecture theatre, exhibits and demonstrations throughout the day.

Most people come to the Tong Ren healing classes via webcasts, phone or established locations, looking for relief. Conditions can be mild or chronic. Tong Ren Therapy is a method of releasing blockages in the body and manipulating energy flow. Blockages negatively impact the body by jamming the systems vital to survival. Tong Ren is fully compatible with conventional medicine and other alternative therapy methods.

The practice of Tong Ren is spreading rapidly, and it is now available in at least 28 U.S. states and at least 20 countries. A medical study was published in the Complementary Health Practice Review in December 2008, evaluating the effect of Tong Ren on 265 patients at seven different sites in Massachusetts and Connecticut with cancer, autoimmune, endocrine, and musculoskeletal and other disorders. It showed 89 percent of patients responded positively to the Tong Ren therapy, and concluded that it complements other forms of treatment and provides a safe, noninvasive, inexpensive adjunct for people for whom traditional regimens have not provided the improvement they seek.

Cost: Exhibit Area, free; lectures: $97 full weekend/individual lectures $10-$20. Location: Lesley University Hall, 2nd Flr., 1815 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge. For more information, call 617-334-9432 or visit

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