The Evolutionary Mystic

The Conscious Flowering of Humanity

Alan Davidson

In the core of our souls we are pure light; the eternal, mystic truth that we are shining brighter than 10,000 suns. Also within 3-D reality, humanity is on the cusp of an evolutionary spurt in spiritual growth and human development. At the core of our being, we are all Evolutionary Mystics, eternal truth converging within 13.8 billion years of time and space.

 Our soul’s number one priority is to embody infinite stillness, unconditional love, fierce compassion and spontaneous joy. Our soul’s number two priority is to surrender all the blocks—physical, emotional, mental, moral and spiritual— that hinder us from embodying stillness, love, compassion and joy.

Experiencing your Evolutionary Mystic is just a simple little shift and easy once you know how. We can easily wake up to our most fabulous, most radiant, most enlightened self. It’s the realization of human consciousness that the ancient mystics, saints and sages have taught us about for more than 5,000 years. We can sense these infinite and eternal states of consciousness through our whole-body and our whole-being, right here, right now.

About 94 percent of the world’s inhabitants live in the confines of their fear-based, ego-mind (that’s 7.8 billion souls). Only 6 percent of the world’s population can strategically shift into who they are at soul level or higher, with only 1 percent of humans evolved into their fully enlightened, fully embodied mystical selves.

Einstein famously said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Embodying our Evolutionary Mystic is far and above the frequency and mindset that created the crises that face our world.

When 10 percent of our people embody their Evolutionary Mystic, the up-leveling of spiritual frequency will create a very different reality and future for all the conscious beings on planet Earth. Today we can easily experience the evolution of meditation, the evolution of enlightenment and the evolution of tapping.

In the old paradigm of meditation, we could sit on our meditation cushions for hours, days, weeks, even months and only pray and hope for an enlightening experience, a glimpse of satori, or a taste of nirvana. Now, in our paradigm of the Evolutionary Mystic, we can experience a full-on enlightening experience in 30 to 40 minutes.

Imagine finally shifting from our crazy-busy thinking mind into infinite stillness, peace and silence.

In the old paradigm of enlightenment, the ultimate realization was that our body, our world, this universe and this reality were all illusions, all tricks of the mind. Now, in our paradigm of the Evolutionary Mystic, enlightenment is to realize that we are indeed infinite nothingness, eternal emptiness and vast spaciousness. We are indeed, beyond the beyond, and we also live in a world shaped by billions of years of evolution. We are infinite nothingness and we live in a body. We are eternal emptiness and we live through our hearts. We are vast spaciousness and we live with a fully functioning mind. Yes, we are the infinite stillness and we live via our seven embodied chakras pulsing in our spiritual anatomy.

In the old paradigm of tapping, or emotional freedom technique, we tapped on the acupressure points to reduce our disturbing emotions and to heal our emotional issues. Now, in our paradigm of the Evolutionary Mystic, we tap to access the fully enlightened voices, or parts, of ourselves. We can tap to anchor the fully enlightened states of infinite stillness, unconditional love, fierce compassion and spontaneous joy into our bodies and nervous systems.

Evolutionary Mystics dialogue and tap with the voices, or parts, of themselves that make up our everyday consciousness. This dialoguing and tapping allows those contacted, suffering parts to relax their grip on our 3-D reality just enough for a shift; a shift that allows us to move into those already awakened mystical voices, or parts of us.

As an Evolutionary Mystic, we embody our soul’s signature frequency of light, life and love like the unique colors of a rainbow. Our radiance uplifts everyone that comes close to us. We are all Evolutionary Mystics. We are the future of humanity.

Alan Davidson is the founder of and creator of Evolutionary Mystic Meditation. Davidson, with Lori Leyden, is co-leading a workshop in Ashland called Evolutionary Grace from June 15 to 17.

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The Evolutionary Mystic

The Conscious Flowering of Humanity
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