Pam Pearson and Wealthy Healthy Women

Fostering Wellness & Financial Freedom

Pam Pearson, founder of Wealthy Healthy Women, spent more than two decades climbing the corporate ladder in marketing and executive management before five layoffs in ten years convinced her to chart a new course. Seeking a more balanced life and financial freedom, Pearson created a company that fuses her interest in health and wellness with her passion for mentoring women. Today, Wealthy Healthy Women, which is aligned with the products of USANA Health Sciences, empowers people to enjoy greater physical and financial well-being by using and sharing the products. Natural Awakenings asked Pearson to share more about this transformation.

How were you introduced to USANA products?

I started taking them in 2006 and noticed a vast improvement in my health. I was also really intrigued by their business model, so I got involved while I was still in my corporate job. At the time, I was working around the clock and struggling with my health because of all the pressure in my job. My friend introduced me to USANA because she believed that I’d benefit from the products and she recognized my entrepreneurial spirit. When I left the corporate world, I put all my passion into Wealthy Healthy Women so that I could help other women do the same thing. Many of the women I mentor are in their 40s, facing some kind of life transformation, often burned out, and looking to reclaim their creativity, passion and empowerment while creating financial stability. Others already have a background in health and wellness and are seeking to enhance their business and income.

What do you offer these women?

We help solve the challenge of physical health issues and we address financial health with a set of two components. One is the community of like-minded women who are passionate about health, wellness and helping others. The other is our partnership with USANA, so we’re in business for ourselves but not by ourselves, using some of the highest quality nutritional products on the market.

Many women want to start their own business but they don’t know how to begin and they may not have the financial wherewithal. This is a turnkey solution that gets people up and running right away. All of the marketing and training materials, customer support, distribution channels and research and development pieces are available to those with the willingness to create something of their own, whether full-time or part-time. Each person can then develop their business uniquely, sometimes linking it to an existing health practice or career.

Can you say more about the products themselves?Wealthy Healthy Women

We offer all sorts of nutritional supplements, from daily vitamins, to women’s health, to digestion and detox formulas. We also have weight management solutions and paraben-free skin care products, and we specialize in children’s health products and have partnerships with the Linus Pauling Institute and Dr. Mehmet Oz’s HealthCorps foundation to combat childhood obesity. In addition, we’re aligned with Dr. Christiane Northrup and her Team Northrup, a community of women who are passionate about spreading the message of health and wellness.

Our preferred customers not only use the products, but also attend our educational seminars, webinars and conference calls. Others become solo-preneurs who set themselves up to share USANA products with others. These include chiropractors, yoga teachers, nutritionists and people like myself who help others to start their own businesses.

How has your life changed since creating Wealthy Healthy Women?

This is the biggest professional and personal growth journey I’ve ever been on and I have learned so much about myself. The people I’m attracting into my life are matching my highest values and I now have much more balanced masculine and feminine attributes. Before I left the corporate world I was unhealthy, overweight and struggling with Epstein-Barr virus. Today I’m healthier and more fit than I’ve ever been in my life. These products have made a huge difference in my life and in my clients’ lives. I’m building a business based on how I want to feel and live, and I have more residual income, time and financial freedom than I’ve ever known.

To contact Pam Pearson and learn more about Wealthy Healthy Women, call 978-877-6122 or visit

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