Hats Off to Women Rising

Kudos go to Linda Sechrist for this month’s special Healing Ways article, “Heart-Based Leadership, Women Mobilize to Heal the World.” I am often in awe reading about women in history that have championed a cause, succeeding against all odds by applying a steadfast vision, grit and persistent effort. They usually come to it not because of some master plan or world-shaking inspiration; most are moved to stand for societal change either because they became tired of unfair treatment or chose to do something that they enjoy.

Rosa Parks is an excellent example of the first motivation. In 1955, returning home from her job, Mrs. Parks was sitting in the “colored section” of a Montgomery, Alabama, transit bus when she was told to surrender her seat to a white man. She refused because she was tired. Tired of the discrimination and inconvenience, she acted against the abhorrent treatment being endured by an entire race merely for the color of their skin.

Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, in 1967, is a prime example of the second motive. “I wasn’t running Boston to prove anything; I was just a kid who wanted to run her first marathon,” she said. As part of her training, three weeks before the event during her first pass at running 26 consecutive miles, she suggested to her male running mate that they go an additional five miles to build their confidence for the big race. At the end of the extended practice run she “hugged him ecstatically—and he passed out cold.”

The Women’s March on Washington this past January has prompted an explosion in activities by women’s organizations working to empower women to be the best they can be and take control of their future. I’ve particularly witnessed the exponential growth of Boston Business Women (BostonBusinessWomen.com), hosts of the BE BOLD annual conference on May 17. Now with 8,800 members, the platform enables area women to share experiences and resources aimed to support, encourage and inspire each other.

It’s hard for anyone to wrap their head around how so many of today’s moms are able to juggle a household, work full- or part-time and manage the demands of everyday life and relationships. We admire you all and pray you find ways to let others nurture you along the way.

To all those mothering and healing the world,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher

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