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Superfruit Antioxidants Found in Chilean Maqui Berry

A special antioxidant in the Chilean maqui berry reduces LDL and blood sugar, boosts the health of blood vessels, and may even counter the aging effects of UVB rays on skin.

Meditation Linked to Telomere Integrity in Cancer Patients

The chromosomal decline common in breast cancer is averted when patients either do yoga and meditate or participate in a therapy support group.

Having Gratitude Yields More Happiness than Having Things

In two studies, students with high amounts of gratitude were happier and had more self-esteem than students focused on material goals.

Animal Friends Soothe Autistic Children

If they play with a guinea pig before reading in front of other children, autistic children suffer significantly less social anxiety, Purdue University researchers have found.

Antidepressants in Pregnancy Raises Risk of Hypertension in Kids

Children born to pregnant women taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) or other antidepressant drugs have a 40-50 percent higher chance of high blood pressure in childhood.

Ingrown Nails Linked to Over-Trimming

When nails are trimmed too closely—especially on big toes and thumbs—the risk of having ingrown or abnormally shaped nails increases.

Cloves Inhibit Cancer Growth

Clove extract stopped the development of ovarian, cervical, liver, colon breast and pancreatic cancers in recent Chinese lab experiments.

Monsanto Pushback

Colombia, France and Germany are among the countries so concerned about the herbicide’s carcinogenic effects that they are moving to prohibit its use.

Red/Purple Produce is Best for Our Weight and Heart

We know that virtually all veggies and fruit are good for us, but a recent European study found that red and purple choices have certain robust benefits.

U.S. Kids Not Drinking Enough Liquids

More than half of U.S. kids ages 6 to 19 are insufficiently hydrated.