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Fossil Free

Hydrogen fuels, which produce zero emissions, are in testing to operate Chinese trams.

Supreme Hope

A free, online global movement program is inspiring participants by teaching ways to heals conflicts using peace as the new baseline.

United in Utah

The oldest, largest and most inclusive gathering of all faiths and traditions will be held in Salt Lake City, where international spiritual leaders will come together to share wisdom and best practices for dealing with global issues.

Happy Eco-Birthday!

The most memorable birthday parties make us feel good, and going green makes them feel even better.

Dark Act

The House of Representatives has voted in favor of what many are calling the "DARK Act (Denying Americans the Right to Know." Take action to contact senators and let them know we want transparency on food labels.

Trendy Transit

As trains and buses grow more popular, cities are expanding their fleets and adding more routes.

Fracking Halt

Crab Crisis

After surviving 250 million years while barely evolving, the horseshoe crab is about to be designated an endangered species.

Pistachio Power

Turkey plans to reuse tons of discarded pistachio shells as an energy source in its first eco-city.

Solar Timeshare

A Boston startup allows “sun partners” without solar units to buy units of energy from “sun hosts” with rooftop panels.