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Post-It Progress

Collaborating with environmental groups, 3M Corporation is mandating that its suppliers meet strict sustainability and human-rights standards.

Hear Ye!

In a precedent-setting ruling, a Dutch court has ruled that government has a legal duty to reduce carbon emissions.

Interactive Government

President Obama’s office has a team assigned to facilitate responses to online petitions that garner more than 100,000 signatures.

Shipping News

Careful planning of package delivery can lower the carbon footprint of our holiday purchases.

Sky Kings

This month flying drones will be allowed to monitor and facilitate crops in fields, which could enable small farmers to better compete with monster agribusinesses.

Recycling Revolution

With recycling gaining worldwide momentum, America Recycles Day on November 15 hopes to boost U.S. recycling past the 33 percent waste recycling mark.

Solving Hunger

French supermarkets are now mandated to donate unsold food to charities or animal feed instead of throwing it away, generating mighty cuts in hunger and food waste.


One in four of the 613 largest publicly traded companies now tie achieving environmental objectives to executive pay.

Smiley Faces

Workers that laugh together bond more, heighten creative input and become better problem-solvers.

Green Thanksgiving

We can make the holidays even more joyful with choices that celebrate life, from local foods and vegetarian options to Native American prayers.