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Free Park-ing

Mark your calendar! To celebrate its 100th birthday, the National Park Service will let everyone in for free 16 days this year.

Ballot Power

Activists are increasingly using ballot initiatives enabling voters to enact local policies created to protect clean air, clean water and clean energy.

DARK Act Defeated

The Deny Americans the Right to Know, or DARK Act, was defeated in the U.S. Senate, representing a major victory for consumers.

Nixing Monsanto

Following widespread public protests, Guatemala repealed a law that formerly gave Monsanto the right to plant its genetically modified seeds in ancestral lands.

Food Fight

Students can increasingly find healthy, sustainable options and locally-sourced food in their dining halls.

High Harvest

Huge indoor farms relying on vertically stacked trays are producing 100 times more food per square foot than traditional methods while using 99 percent less water and 40 percent less power.

Critter Cuisine

Eating insects may invoke an instinctive yuck factor, but bugs are packed with nutrients and protein.

Corporate Conscience

Already, 40 percent of the energy for Unilever’s multinational operations comes from green sources, and it aims to solely use renewable sources worldwide by 2030.

Whistleblowing Allowed

Citing the First Amendment, a judge has overturned an Idaho law that criminalizes surreptitious investigations into animal cruelty.

Surging Organics

As organic produce becomes more popular and available, Costco has become its number one seller in the U.S.