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Growing Organics

Spurred by rising consumer demand, organic farmland in the U.S. increased 11 percent in two years.

Water Saver

A South African girl has designed a super-absorbent polymer made of recycled avocado skins and orange peels that can store reserves of water hundreds of time its own weight.

Butterfly Rescue

We can give a helping hand to vanishing species of butterflies by planting blossom-rich landscapes.

Botanical Breakthrough

Spurred by consumer demand, pioneering chicken farmers are replacing antibiotics with oregano oil and cinnamon.

Clean Jeans

More than 90 percent of struggling middle-school kids attended classes more often when they were able to bring their dirty clothes to school for washing in Whirlpool-donated machines.

Raw Hide

Iowa State University researchers have made synthetic-leather shoes and vests out of fabric they developed using kombucha tea, vinegar and water.

Toxic Crops

At least two water districts in California’s Central Valley are selling oilfield wastewater to farmers, threatening the safety of Americans’ food supply.

Bag Ban

After 52 percent of voters gave a thumbs-up, California is banning all single-use plastic bags, which have numbered a whopping 25 million daily.

Fish Story

Fish farms in backyards and pools throughout Africa are boosting incomes for 10 million people and improving the diets of 200 million more.


Coffee can be relished even more when it’s made with low-energy coffeemakers, is sustainably grown and equipment and accessories are recyclable.