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Clearing Up Skin from the Inside Out

When battling breakouts, many adults exacerbate the problem by picking at, obsessing over and abrading the skin with harsh cleaners. Instead...

Evolution of Massage

The ancient healing practice of massage therapy is playing an important role today in the emerging golden age of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

The Enneagram

‘Eat Smart’ Strategies for School-Age Kids

Parents can usually control what babies and toddlers eat, but school-age kids face more external influences on their food choices, from peer pressure and social events to aggressive junk-food marketing. Nina Manolson is a certified health coach and family wellness expert in Somerville, with two school-age children of her own.

Working with Mind-Body Unity

“Treat people, not diseases,” is the philosophy of Arlington-based healer Alison Shaw, a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist. “The next, deeper level of conversation we need to have around health care is dealing with the person as an integrated being,” she says. Shaw’s background in science (B.S. in nutrition and M.S. in nursing), plus 20 years in private practice as a licensed massage therapist and certified energy healer (Brennan Healing Science), have led her to found Nexus Integrative Therapy.

Getting and Staying in the Exercise Habit

The numerous benefits of exercise are powerful reasons to make it a regular habit. But many who start an exercise plan that’s too aggressive or ill-suited to their bodies often give up, says Newton personal trainer and life coach, Debra Bennett. “People often have a perfectionist approach to exercise,” she says. “It’s all or nothing—they’re ‘good’ or they’re ‘bad,’ and they’re going full pace and exhausting themselves or they’re doing nothing.”

Building Health, One Bite at a Time

Before there were pharmacies, there were berries, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish. These foods nourished cave dwellers, says Arlington nutritionist Charlie Smigelski, and they’re still vital for maintaining healthy bodies today. “We are what we eat,” says Smigelski. “The groceries that I’m consuming today really do represent the foundation for how I’m repairing and restoring myself for tomorrow.”

Helping the Body Heal Itself

The central nervous system is a wise manager, with the task of controlling autonomic processes such as respiration, digestion, sleep patterns, hormonal activity and cardiovascular function. When a person experiences physical, emotional or mental stress, the central nervous system is disturbed, body functions are thrown off and illness can result. According to licensed Acupuncturist Lisa Bernazini, in Cambridge, that’s when acupuncture can be used to restore well-being.