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Personalized Prescriptions

Compounding in the 21st century is much less common, but maintains a vital role in medication customization for high-risk patient populations and as a tool within integrative medicine.

Bleep Cheap

Look for durability and design, and consider the type of fabric the garment is made of and its environmental impact.

It's All in the Head....And in the Body

Humans are psycho-somatic (mind-body) beings, a fact that puts healing and disease prevention in the palm of our own hands and allows us to become more powerful partners with our healthcare practitioners in the quest for health and wellness.

Integrative Medicine

Many people are searching for an integrative medicine practitioner to be part of their health care team who can manage both conventional and complementary health approaches in a coordinated way.

Unconscious Self-Sabotage

It is common for people to set doable goals for themselves and then find, to their surprise, that their behavior is inconsistent with their goals.

Revitalized Living Space

An energy clearing of one’s living space can renew, re-energize and revitalize one’s health, well-being and relationships.

Emotional Freedom

Using three essential teachings, it is possible to experience a happy and harmonious life free of emotional suffering.

Communicating with the Body’s Innate Intelligence

A therapist trained in applied kinesiology (AK) acts as an interpreter between individuals and the innate intelligence of their body.

Thermal Imaging

While thermography is commonly associated with breast health and breast cancer prevention, it can also be used for early-stage disease screening and pain diagnostics.

Small Businesses Unite to Address Climate Change

A nonprofit organization in Massachusetts is evolving the local business landscape to be unified on the path to sustainability.