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BMC’s Rooftop Garden Fills Prescription for Nutritional Food

Boston Medical Center's rooftop garden helps families afford nutritional food.

An Important Message about Drinking Water from Simpson Spring

Although water is not a living thing by virtue of various definitions, it can be considered ‘life giving’, and therefore should be the most transparent thing we possess.

Why Vegan?

Too often human beings fail to see the interconnection that exists between the non-human animals and the environment that surrounds us.

Cultivating Balance in the 21st Century

Balancing life in the 21st century isn't easy, but the rewards of greater health, peace of mind and relationships make the effort well worthwhile.

Improving Executive Functions with Neurofeedback

The frontal lobe of the brain is responsible for the ability to perform higher order tasks, otherwise known as executive functions. When these are not working properly, completing even simple tasks can be challenging.

Seafood Matters and Whales Do, Too

A growing number of seafood labeling programs are identifying sustainably sourced fish in an effort to help consumers make informed choices to protect the environment.

Why Should We Detox and How Do We Start?

A medical detoxification can help with the removal of everyday toxins from the body and opens the way for healing.

The Benefits and Process of EFT Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly known as tapping, was developed by Gary Craig and based on Chinese medicine’s acupuncture process.

Lessons from the Paris Climate Talks

From November 30 to December 12, 196 countries, along with observers from around the world, worked towards a final agreement that would create a plan for a decarbonized economy that would mitigate future climate disaster while allowing the world to adapt to a warmer climate.

Health Begins at Home

The world is now facing some new and interesting health challenges, due in part to the bombardment of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) creating energetic distortions in the environment and all life forms.