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Boston Spotlights

Home Energy Clearings by Realtor Karen Piedra

Beyond Karen Piedra's extensive experience in the industry, what sets Piedra apart is her additional experience with energy healing as a reiki master teacher.

Perfect Holiday Gift for Climate Change-Denying Relatives

Climate Denier’s Kit to Coping with Climate is perfect gift for friends or family whose beliefs, political and otherwise, don’t quite align with our own.

Be Wholly Restored from Head to Toe at Groton Wellness

Groton Wellness attests it’s the only wellness center in the nation that offers family dentistry, orthodontics and medical, as well as a detoxification spa and organic café all under one roof.

Especially for Pets Celebrates Bond Between People and Pets

Especially for Pets, an independent pet supply store that offers only pet-friendly products and services including personalized grooming and dog training.

Bodymind Repatterning: A Deeper Look at the Body-Mind Connection

At the core of Alison Shaw’s practice is the idea that every thought and feeling people have, whether conscious or unconscious, creates chemical, structural and physiological changes in the body.

Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds, a private retreat center in Attleboro surrounded by lush green grass and vibrant plants, is designed to help people discover what they need to feel amazing and live at their highest level.

Neurofeedback for All at Advanced Neurotherapy

Individuals of all ages visit with Dr. Jolene Ross, a licensed psychologist, highly trained neurofeedback therapist and founder and director at Advanced Neurotherapy, in Needham Heights.

Dr. Judith Swack’s Powerful Mind/Body/Spirit Healing Methodology

Healing from the Bottom Level Up integrates biomedical science, psychology, hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), applied kinesiology, spirituality and energy psychology techniques with original research on the structure of complex damage patterns.

Kathy Wilson: Distance Healing Techniques and Applications

Wilson’s focal point is harmonization of subtle energies for self empowerment and health. She is currently working on a project about shifting the energy of neurological and brain conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) by stimulating the blockage points with Tong Ren therapy.

Tong Ren Symposium & Education Conference in Cambridge

The 2016 Tong Ren Symposium & Education Conference will take place June 24 to 26, at Lesley University, in Cambridge.