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Boston Spotlights

Kim Childs: from Panic to Purpose as a Creative Living Coach

A healing journey transformed Kim Childs into a Kripalu yoga teacher and creative living coach.

Patricia Howard and Be Awake at Work: Bringing Mindfulness to the Office and Beyond

Natural Awakenings spoke with Howard to learn more about MBSR and the benefits to those who practice it.

Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center

Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center, in Waltham, has provided customized medications and natural health remedies for people since 1852.

Pam Pearson and Wealthy Healthy Women

Seeking a more balanced life and financial freedom, Pam Pearson created Wealthy Healthy Women, which is aligned with the products of USANA Health Sciences.

The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts

Natural Awakenings, a proud Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN) member, spoke with managing director Katrina Kazda to learn more about SBN’s current work in the Boston area.

Atlantic Green Energy

George Hurley, president of Atlantic Green Energy, in Seabrook, New Hampshire, entered the renewable energy business after a long career in construction.

Groton Wellness

Natural Awakenings spoke with Madelyn Pearson, a holistic dentist at Groten Wellness, to learn more about the center's multifaceted approach to health care and well-being.

Lana Lemeshov and Koko FitClub: Personal Training for the 21st Century

Twenty-three years ago, Lana Lemeshov left the former Soviet Union to start a new life as a computer programmer in the United States.

Dr. Connie Jackson: Restoring Hormonal Balance and Vitality in Women and Men

About 30 years ago, Dr. Connie Jackson was a young mother with two small children when she decided to pursue a medical career.

Daniel Sharp and Boston Soul Coaching: Reconnecting People with Their Personal Power

When Daniel Sharp was just a boy, he pretended to be a Native American healer, talking to tree and animal spirits and making herbal concoctions for his friends