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With composting, materials undergo a process of transformation where they change from something perceived as garbage into a nutrient-rich, biologically abundant soil that can transform even sand into fertile soil for growing the freshest food.

Boston Food Rescues to the Rescue

Local groups and organizations in the Greater Boston area are taking on food waste in the community.

Habit-Forming Farmers' Market

Growth in farmers’ markets has skyrocketed in Massachusetts from 130 markets to 250 since 2007.

BMC’s Rooftop Garden Fills Prescription for Nutritional Food

Boston Medical Center's rooftop garden helps families afford nutritional food.

Why Vegan?

Too often human beings fail to see the interconnection that exists between the non-human animals and the environment that surrounds us.

Seafood Matters and Whales Do, Too

A growing number of seafood labeling programs are identifying sustainably sourced fish in an effort to help consumers make informed choices to protect the environment.

Support Mandatory GMO Labeling in Massachusetts

Legislators need to hear from many more constituents so they will prioritize and bring GMO labeling up for a full vote this session.

Lessons in Mindful Living from China

In addition to paying attention to the quality of the food we eat, the manner in which we consume it and the tone and pace of daily life can greatly affect health and well-being.

Tower Gardens Allow Indoor Growing to Flourish

Individuals that take their growing indoors can seriously cut that distance and enjoy fresh produce from living room window to kitchen table.

Kick the Can Ice Cream

When the craving for ice cream hits, try this activity with kids and their friends.