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Unlock the Power of Soil

Every time a piece of food (or other compostable) is thrown away, the potential for future life is lost. There is another choice. A choice that creates new life and benefits society.

Essential Oils for a Clean Home and Healthy Living

In the human body and in the home, essential oils also act as an effective defense system.

A Global Adventure in Organic Farming

Sometimes life offers a special opportunity to gather courage and take a plunge into a totally different way of living and being.

Clean and Clear

Spring cleaning is a time for bringing renewal and freshness to our homes. Here are some tips to get started on spring clearing in the home, office and on oneself.

Bleep Cheap

Look for durability and design, and consider the type of fabric the garment is made of and its environmental impact.

Small Businesses Unite to Address Climate Change

A nonprofit organization in Massachusetts is evolving the local business landscape to be unified on the path to sustainability.

Oil Bust Could Mean Clean-Tech Boom

The most recent oil market plummet has been a missed opportunity to lay the groundwork to move our economy away from fossil fuels.

Lessons from the Paris Climate Talks

From November 30 to December 12, 196 countries, along with observers from around the world, worked towards a final agreement that would create a plan for a decarbonized economy that would mitigate future climate disaster while allowing the world to adapt to a warmer climate.

Legislative Alert: Act on Solar in Massachusetts

Bay State residents support solar—it’s the largest source of clean renewable energy in Massachusetts, not to mention the world, and has abundant benefits for the environment and economy.

The State of Solar in Massachusetts

In April, small business and solar industry leaders filled the Nonprofit Center, in Boston, for a panel discussion hosted by the Climate Action Business Association on what is sure to be an important topic on Beacon Hill this legislative session: the state of solar in Massachusetts.