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Alison Shaw, Bodymind Resourcing: Licensed Family Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Bodyworker, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner

Dec 22, 2013 07:01PM ● By Nancy Somera

Bodymind Resourcing offers an innovative approach to physical and emotional healing that works with the body and mind at the same time; a more effective process than either medicine or psychotherapy alone. Through an individualized and gentle blend of body-centered counseling, integrative bodywork and energy medicine, Alison Shaw helps people learn to discover and release lifelong body-mind coping patterns that keep them stuck in physical and emotional illness and pain.

Offering an integrative blend of modalities—including body-centered counseling, movement and expressive exercises, guided body awareness and imagery, subtle and deep tissue bodywork, and Barbara Brennan energy healing—clients are able to make vital connections that may elude them while working with separate practitioners focusing in only one modality. Shaw offers in-person and telephone sessions, and conducts tele-seminars and webinars in body-mind healing for the public and online training programs for nurses.

“Illness and health are a function of the constant interplay between the mind and the body,” Shaw explains. “Over the course of life, the body helps us navigate emotional challenges and manage, defend and adapt to ‘survive’ and get what we need and want in life. Over time, these adaptations can lead to chronic patterns of tension, restriction and imbalance that result in symptoms and even illness.” Shaw suggests that when only physical symptoms are addressed, we may be missing a critical aspect of their origin.

Shaw brings more than 30 years of experience in both conventional and alternative health care to her work with clients. Her eclectic training and experience in integrative nursing, body-centered therapy, bodywork and energy medicine allows her to work effectively on many dimensions and to guide the healing journey with a unique breadth and depth of perspective. The process is a fluid and often changing one of following the client’s experience between body, emotion and energy field as the system unwinds in the way it needs to.

“With awareness we have choice. We can release old physical and emotional postures that keep us stuck in illness and pain and can learn to adopt new body-mind postures that foster health and healing. Health is freedom. I help people free themselves to get well.”

393 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington • 781-646-0686 • [email protected]

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