Tick Tock, It’s Lyme Again

Lyme, a tick-born disease, has hit pandemic proportions. It is ubiquitous and insidious by nature. It infects people of all ages, knows no boundaries and survives whatever conditions nature throws at it. In 2013, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted 30,000 cases of Lyme reported per year but also that true incidence was at least 10 times higher— some 300,000 new infections each year. This is an outdated estimate by several years, and to make matters worse, it is now known that all blood transferring insects such as fleas, mites, spiders, and mosquitos may transfer Lyme-associated bacteria and spirochetes.

Mounting research suggests evidence that human fluids may contain the associated bacteria of Lyme. While not conclusive, some researchers believe that spirochetes can habitate in gums, saliva, vaginal fluids and sperm thus enhancing the spread of Lyme. It is suggested, like any transferable disease, cautions should be acknowledged. Steven Harrod Buhner’s book Healing Lyme is an excellent source for more information on the subject.

Although antibiotics are often prescribed as a mainstream remedy or cure-all for Lyme, it is becoming evident that antibiotics may only provide some initial relief of symptoms. Lyme and its associated bacteria have an amazing ability to survive within its host. Lyme, just like malaria, in its basic form is a spirochete. During World War II in the Philippines, malaria was treated with quinine. It abated the symptoms for a while but they would inevitably return.

It is now known that these spirochetes form protective shields called biofilms. Biofilms are a polysaccharide sac that is impervious to antibiotics and most of the body’s immune responses. What makes Lyme and its many coinfections so dangerous and destructive is that given time, the Lyme crosses the blood brain barrier and then morphs into various other symptoms or diseases that are misdiagnosed as dementia, arthritis, digestive issues and many others.

Prevention and Protection

Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent infection and protect against Lyme. Prevention is the first line of defense, so always use safe insect repellents, wear appropriate clothing and shower after being outside. Do daily body checks.

Support the immune system with foods that are fresh and alive, and avoid those that are inflammatory like the night shades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes), sugar and other foods that contain lectins. Chlorella, propolis, apple cider vinegar, stevia, olive oil, oleic acid, linoleic acid, raw honey, garlic, ginger and cranberries can assist in preventing and breaking down biofilms.

Herbs such as teasel, Japanese knotwood, Samento and Cat’s Claw are very effective.

Supplements such as Monolaurine and Premier Research Labs Betaine HCL, which when accompanied by HCL Activator, are great biofilm busters. Heavy metals should be detoxed, as all bacteria and parasites are sustained by them in the body.

Emotions and Energy Levels

Another important consideration is the understanding that the body is energy. Energy is the atoms and molecules that allow manifestation of everything that moves, that breathes and that exists. Energy can be measured by vibration. The body, mind and spirit all vibrate at different speeds.

David Hawkins discusses the scale of consciousness in his book Power VS Force and produced a chart on emotions and their energy levels. The emotion of love vibrates at some of the highest levels. At this high level, disease has a very hard time existing in the body. It is easy to keep a level PH. Hate, anger, depression and resentment vibrate at very low levels creating an acid base for disease, parasites and Lyme to exist.

Dr. Bradley Nelson created a powerful yet simple system called The Emotion Code that uses kiniseology to quickly identify and easily clear trapped emotions. Other effective techniques include Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), hypnosis, body work and energy clearing work. These are just a few modalities that can help keep the body’s vibration higher. Most of all, be proactive and become educated.

Lyme treatment is different for everyone and must be monitored for life. Risk of infection and reoccurrence is high, and blood tests are only about 25 percent accurate. Don’t wait until symptomatic; take action now.

Peter Seymour Howe is a holistic health practitioner with many years of experience and success in customizing treatment protocols for Lyme and other chronic conditions. Contact him at 508- 838-1101 or Info@PeterHoweHealer.com.

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Tick Tock, It’s Lyme Again

Although antibiotics are often prescribed as a mainstream remedy or cure-all for Lyme, it is becoming evident that antibiotics may only provide some initial relief of symptoms.