Detox Naturally for a Fresh Start

Saad Dinno and Raied Dinno

Although the holiday season is a time of celebration, tradition and congregating with family, friends and neighbors, it can create a setback for many in terms of nutrition, dieting and exercise. Health and wellness routines are often put on hold during these months, as people find themselves with less free time for exercise while consuming meals that tend to be larger in size and lower in nutritional value.

The holiday season is, of course, followed by the new year, which presents a clean slate and new opportunity. For the few, this is the time to pick up healthy habits where they left off last year; but for the many, this is a chance to begin a healthier, more natural way of living that begins with naturally detoxing through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

A nutrient-dense diet will help lead in naturally detoxing the body, with an emphasis on hydration and meal preparation with lots of fruits, vegetables and proteins and less daily sugary snacking. These steps can keep the body and mind focused and energized throughout the day, while also remaining sated.

There are specific types of nutrients to focus on while in the natural detox phase. For example, foods rich in B vitamins may help the body produce energy from the food it eats. Calcium and magnesium in dried fruits and leafy greens may also help in supporting the body’s energy production and at the same time may calm nerves and reduce anxiety. Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in most nuts and seeds, may also increase overall bodily function and lower the risk of stress and anxiety.

It is important to note that health and wellness lifestyle habits are not developed overnight. They take time to adopt and make routine, and there will likely be a period of transition during which a natural detox will ultimately lead to a new beginning.

Every day the body takes in toxins that can harm the performance of organs and weaken functionality. Along with a healthy, nutritious diet, to help guide the way during this crucial time, there are natural detox and cleansing kits that provide step-by- step instructions to ultimately dissolve the build-up of toxins and restore the body to a stronger and cleaner form. These kits and cleanses vary in their methodology and how they affect different parts of the body. It’s important to note that consumers should always consult with their health care providers prior to beginning a detox or cleanse.

While in the natural detox phase, here are four themes to keep in mind to stay on course:

Practice stress and relaxation techniques. Any form of meditation or yoga can be helpful in managing stress, which is harmful to the body. Just taking 15 minutes a day can truly make a difference.

Make a conscious effort to eat healthier. Try to replace those “fake foods” that are high in carbohydrates, fatty acids and sugar, with “real foods” like fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, water, and—if possible— look into organic options as well.

Unplug from technology (also known as “digital detox”). Put down the smartphone, laptop or iPad, and pick up a book or magazine. Take a break from staring at a screen, which can be straining to the eyes and draining to the brain.

Be kind to yourself and others. Although this theme does not need any explaining, it’s worth noting because it goes to the heart of the wellness lifestyle. Changing habits and routines is never easy; particularly as we get older. Using the change in calendar to refresh and reinvigorate and adopt a health and wellness mindset can bring about significant benefits that will serve you well for many years to come.

Raied and Saad Dinno, brothers, are registered pharmacists and co-owners of Acton Pharmacy, Keyes Drug, in Newton, and West Concord Pharmacy. For more information, visit

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