Holistic and Ecological Dentistry Brings Harmony to the Mouth and Body

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“I absolutely believe in our capacity to self-regenerate, self-heal, self-organize and self-balance; and I apply these principles to my dental practice,” says Iveta Iontcheva-Barehmi, DMD, MS, D.Sc., of Boston Dental Wellness. She explains that dental procedures are most successful when the body is in harmony and the immune system is strong, and that it’s crucial to treat the whole being—not just a single tooth.

In the case of tooth extraction, for example, many conventional dentists may not go the extra steps taken by holistic practitioners. In the holistic world, it’s known that if you remove a tooth and don’t remove the entire periodontal ligament and clean the infection from the failing root canal thoroughly, it can set the body for future health problems. The bone may heal on top, but below a cavitation can form—an empty space filled with pus, bacteria and toxins. Patients usually do not have any symptoms, but cavitations have been shown to be focal points of bacterial toxins and infection for the whole body, and recent studies show that cavitations can increase the risk of cancer.

Iontcheva-Barehmi follows a strict treatment protocol for tooth extraction, using ozone and laser to remove the infected tissue and bacteria. After extraction, she utilizes an innovative grafting procedure, called platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), which consists of taking blood from the patient to produce a stem cell-enriched graft that will more effectively stimulate bone synthesis and speed up wound healing. “It’s essential to restore the space of the missing tooth properly so as to not disrupt the communication between the teeth, and to maintain bio-harmony in the mouth.”

For implant placement as an alternative to a root canal treatment, Iontcheva-Barehmi uses Swiss Bioconcepts zirconia implants—a more biocompatible and aesthetic alternative to titanium implants. Classically, a dentist performs the extraction and then needs to wait one to three months before placing an implant. With Swiss Bioconcept implants, the implant can be placed immediately upon extraction of a tooth that needs a root canal; a tooth with failing root canal; or when removing a titanium implant and replacing it with ceramic one.

These new generation immediate ceramic implants were developed and first used in Switzerland and are coming soon to the United States. The Bioconcept protocol includes special preparation of the body and stimulation of the immune system with supplements, prior and post both the extraction and the implant placement. Iontcheva-Barehmi also uses special physical therapy after the procedures, including ozone, low-level lasers, quantum field therapy and biofeedback scenar technology to stimulate healing, control and eliminate pain and minimize inflammation. “This is a great alternative for all patients, but especially for those with chronic health conditions, like Lyme, where immune function is compromised,” says the doctor.

Whole body healing continues with Boston Dental Wellness’ offering of the Autonomic Test Response. This test scans the body on every level, including DNA, to find blockages, toxins, bacteria and viruses. This noninvasive procedure then uses lasers and homeopathy to detox the body, which is especially useful when preparing the body for extraction, implant or removal of toxic amalgam fillings.

Iontcheva-Barehmi also extends reiki and prana-therapy healing services to her patients, which she explains can minimize pain, and encourage health and well-being. She also offers spiritual courses to her patients and the community at large. “Holistic means wholeness,” she says. “The teeth and the mouth are very important, but we need to think of the whole being, the whole body and how to integrate the treatment so we give the body a chance to exercise its self-healing potential, instead of blocking it.

Iontcheva-Barehmi has a strong focus on the environment as well. At Boston Dental Wellness, there are no products with fluoride, mercury or metals. A comprehensive recycling program is in place, and soon NASA technology air and water purification systems will be installed. “Holistic dentistry is an eco-dentistry, so I see my responsibility not only being a holistic dentist and a healer, but a conscious being that keeps the balance of nature,” she says. “Dentistry is a profession using a lot of chemical materials that pollute the earth. The more practitioners who come to the biological/holistic philosophy, the better—not only for the patients, but for our dear Mother Earth as well.”

Boston Dental Wellness is located at 1842 Beacon St., Ste. 305, Brookline. To learn more, call 617-868-1516 or visit BostonDentalWellness.com.

Gina Cronin is a freelance writer for Natural Awakenings magazine. Connect with her by visiting GinaImagines.com.

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