Clark Student Leads the Way for Plant-Based Athletes

Plant-based diets have become increasingly popular among people of all ages. However, athletes are often hesitant about trying a plant-based diet. The reason: protein. Most athletes are taught that protein derived from meat is an essential aspect of an athlete’s diet. Krishna Raj Naithani, a plantbased athlete and Clark University senior, disagrees. “I think protein is a much obsessed-over macronutrient,” says Naithani, who has documented his journey as a plant-based athlete on YouTube and Instagram.

He explains that he is able to get plenty of protein from beans, legumes and greens such as kale and spinach. Yet, for those that are still worried that they are not getting enough protein from produce alone, Naithani assures athletes that there are a variety of powdered options adding that, “We live in an age where anything is possible in terms of plant-based proteins.”

Last year Naithani brought his passion for plant-based living to Clark University in the form of a vegan smoothie stand. He called it Bhumi, the Sanskrit word for “earth”, and proceeds are donated to help build a well through Charity Water.

For those looking for plant-based dining in the Boston area, Naithani recommends The Red Lentil, The Loving Hut and Grasshopper. In Worcester, his favorite place to eat is Fatima’s, an East African restaurant with plenty of vegan options.

To follow Krishna Raj Naithani’s journey as a plant-based athlete, follow him on Instagram at @KrishnaRajNaithani or subscribe to his two YouTube channels: Krishna Raj Naithani and Shakahariman. Currently, Naithani runs cross country for Clark University. He is also an avid swimmer and cyclist.

Sam Somera is a student at Syracuse University and editorial intern for Natural Awakenings.

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