Real Hope and Miracles

One particular paragraph in this month’s feature story by Linda Sechrist, “Youths Step Up to the Global Challenge, Fresh Hope for a Troubled Planet,” literally spread goosebumps throughout my body. In it we learn that 14-year old Ethan Sonneborn made it onto the ballot in Vermont’s gubernatorial primary. I resonated with Ethan’s early campaign speech to his peers. “To everyone here today, know this. We are America’s future… So let’s not be afraid to shape it… We must be the voices of a generation, leaders for others and advocates for ourselves. Why shouldn’t we be the ones to end worldwide hunger, to make a breakthrough in medical science, to protect world peace or to put people on another planet? We are the generation that will do all these things. Why not start now?”

 Ethan, along with the other young people in the article, is the best example of real hope for the future that I’ve learned about in a long time.

Over the past 20 months my family has had a birth explosion with multiple great nieces and nephews joining us on our journey. My heart swells with love when I think of a future that is wide open to each of them and I’m especially thankful to learn of the young people that are taking courageous actions to create a world that can work for the good of all generations.

The photo accompanying this letter is of our family’s latest great-nephew, Nash standing unassisted at just 5-weeks old. We knew from the outset that he was a strong and powerful little boy. He held his head up steadily from day one and started rolling over at just three weeks. A miracle in his own right, he spent 6 years as a frozen embryo that his mom, Jess, and dad, Chuck, didn’t realize existed until they heard from the hospital that had been storing Jess’ embryos during multiple failed IVF treatments.

Jess and Chuck had resigned themselves to the fact that they may not have been meant to have children three years ago when Jess turned 40. Together, they buried the dream of parenthood, turned their attention to lovingly caring for their sweet pet family, and dealt with all that comes with hearing that they weren’t going to have children.

Last year they received a letter that changed their lives forever. Given only a 15 percent chance of success by the hospital, Jess and Chuck decided they couldn’t possibly turn their backs on one last chance to have their own child. With no fanfare or allowance for hanging their hopes on success, they moved forward with the implantation process. With much celebration, 39 weeks later this little miracle, Nash, joined our family’s adventures.

Who knows what the future holds for Nash and his little cousins, but if there’s one thing I have for each of them as well as for all, it is great hope for happiness, love, joy, peace and empowerment throughout their lives.

Maisie Raftery, Publisher

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