As we ease our way into fall, vitality is the watch­word for recharging our batteries. Writer Marlaina Donato offers a comprehensive guide to ward off inflammation and premature cell death in “Age-Defying Bodywork: How to Turn Back the Clock.” She explains how fortifying the nervous system through massage, acu­puncture and reflexology is critical to combating age-ac­celerating stress hormones like cortisol—and has been embraced by the medical mainstream.  

It’s wonderful to see how mainstream medicine is opening to alternative forms of healing. In the not so dis­tant past, it was almost unheard of for patients to receive reiki treatments in hospitals and now it’s become a staple in most all major medical institutions in the Boston area.  

This brings up an interesting conundrum that we see ourselves facing here in Massachusetts with the ongoing efforts by some lawmakers to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, access to many holistic practitioners with Bill S.168, an act regulating bodyworks. Please take a few moments to review the Action Alert. There you will find information on what you can do if you feel this bill should not be passed as written.  

A separate and unrelated Bill S665/H3660, which is a safe harbor bill similar to one recently passed in Maine, protects alternative health practitioners and is also coming up for vote this fall. There is a call to action for anyone who has experienced successful treatment through the use of alternative medicine to provide written testimony and/or show up for oral testimony in front of the committee when it convenes in the coming months. 

For more information and guidance on how to submit or share your testimony or the testimony of your client(s), please visit: or:  

If you feel so moved, please take whatever action is in your heart today regarding the protection of alternative health care in Massachusetts. 

Here’s to wrapping up a beautiful summer and embracing the cooler air that’s headed our way. 


Maisie Raftery, Publisher

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