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I was happy to see New England farmers Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs included as a brand to trust in this month’s Conscious Eating feature, “Eggs-pert Advice: How to Buy Good Eggs from Happy Hens,” by Judith Fertig. They’ve been my local go-to whenever I miss visiting a farmers’ market.

I hope that, like me, you find the article helpful as we each endeavor to decipher the packaging language used, and too often abused, in producer and manufacturer marketing efforts. Shifting product language challenges everyday consumers to differentiate between what’s not-so-good, good, better or best when selecting the healthiest food options available within our budget.

Naturally, I’m already excited about the upcoming growing season. I love the control my backyard organic veggie garden gives me in ensuring top-quality ingredients for meals. Working with a wellness coach that emphasizes the importance of fresh local food has upped my joy in the natural catharsis that comes with spending time nurturing seedlings into mature, healthy, nourishing treats.

For me, gardening serves as a blessed escape from the routine tasks of the workday world as I lose myself in something that brings joy and sunshine to my heart. Gardeners everywhere will relate, as will nature lovers. Being in nature is a universal trigger for leaving the mundane behind and connecting more intimately with our inner being.

Another avenue for me is creating art. One recent evening I was huddled over my computer clearing emails and buttoning up tasks when a dear friend popped into thought. She had just lost her beloved dog and posted a picture of the two of them walking on the beach and that photo flashed through my mind.

I felt impelled to immediately close my laptop and go straight to work creating their silhouette from galvanized wire (final piece pictured above). Being completely lost inside that creation apart from time and space for an hour or so felt like being on vacation a thousand miles away. Seeking out just the right piece of driftwood for the stand became another welcome opportunity to be fully in the moment and consciously connect as I walked a few beaches on a sunshiny bright, chilly winter afternoon.

With warm wishes for connected well-being, however you find it,

Maisie Raftery

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