SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training

Brain Training Spotlight

Dianne Kosto

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training was founded by Dianne Kosto, SCN, who first learned of neurofeedback to help her son in 2009 when she became a provider and was inspired by the success they experienced for him and others. Kosto made the decision that she would spend the rest of her life bringing this same feeling of success and relief to others. It is now her personal mission to educate individuals, professionals and facilities about the real hope and results that neurofeedback presents.

Services provided include training and support for individuals, professionals and facilities with user-friendly neurofeedback services and systems; affordable at-home plans to train in the convenience of their own home with remote supervision and guidance to full-service contracts for schools and facilities; and long-term results without the harmful risks and side effects of traditional medical interventions.

SYMMETRY specializes in bio- and neurofeedback to address brainwave dysregulation which manifests in common negative characteristics of ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, behavioral and learning concerns, developmental delays, PTSD, anxiety, depression, brain injury, concussion, migraines, memory loss, insomnia, fibromyalgia. The therapy is also excellent for peak performance training and more.

“We train the brain to correct brainwave dysregulation and teach trainees’ brains to better regulate,” says Kosto. “The approach is backed by more than 50 years of evidence-based research, is painless, drugless, non-invasive, has no harmful side effects and creates long-term positive changes.”

Location: 132 Central St., Ste. 205 A, Foxboro. Schedule a free, 30-minute, initial consultation via For more information, call or text 844-272- 4666 or visit

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SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training

Brain Training Spotlight
We train the brain to correct brainwave dysregulation and teach trainees’ brains to better regulate.

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