March 2016

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Summer Programs Offer Qi-Kayaking and Floating Meditation

Greg DiLisio and Johnny Snyder will present two Qi-Kayaking and Floating Meditation workshops on June 24 to 26 and August 12 to 14 at Eastover Estate and Retreat Center, in Lenox.

Interactive E-Course on Practicing and Teaching Strain-Free Yoga

Online course on teaching and practicing yoga with no strain, whether in sitting postures or challenging poses, will begin April 1.

Firewalking Instructor Training Comes to Westport

Kerry Cudmore, a certified coach and master firewalking instructor, will offer two weekend training programs on this transformational technique on August 5 to 7 and October 14 to 16.

Integrative Allergy Treatment Offered in Plymouth

The Rothfeld Center for Integrative Medicine now offers an expanded allergy program at its Plymouth location.

Health and Wellness Show Returns to Waltham

The 2016 Health and Wellness Spring Show will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m, April 10, at the Waltham Westin Hotel.

Homeopathy Now Offered at Central Square Health and Wellness

Kristine Jelstrup, a natural healthcare practitioner and owner of Central Square Health and Wellness, has added a homeopathic form of the Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) to her list of healing therapies.

Massachusetts Poised to Join Regional Tipping Point Toward Mandatory GMO Labeling

A proposed bill that gives consumers the ability to know which foods are genetically engineered has an unprecedented amount of bipartisan support.

Melchizedek Method Workshops Coming To Leominster

Energy workers are bringing a unique training to the Leominster area for the first time on March 18 through 20, and April 1 through 3.

Personal Growth and Healing Intensive

Dr. Maria Michael, a Native American elder and licensed psychologist, will offer an intensive on Ancient Wisdom Healing Circles from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., March 19 and 20.

Whale Advocates Bring Anti-Whaling Message to Boston

the Seafood Exposition of North America will take place from March 6 to 8 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Why Vegan?

Too often human beings fail to see the interconnection that exists between the non-human animals and the environment that surrounds us.

Cultivating Balance in the 21st Century

Balancing life in the 21st century isn't easy, but the rewards of greater health, peace of mind and relationships make the effort well worthwhile.