Wellness Coaching Offers a Supportive Path to Health

Practitioner Spotlight

Janine Gilarde

More energy. Less weight. A balanced, healthy life. Many of us wish for these things, but face challenges attaining them. Janine Gilarde did too, until she found the tools for a healthier life.

Years ago, Gilarde suffered with weight gain, chronic fatigue and digestive issues. Countless visits to her doctor didn’t help her find answers, which left her feeling depressed and defeated. Finally, with the help of a holistic practitioner, she was diagnosed with stress-related ailments and realized that she needed to heal and repair her life.

A Boston-based registered nurse, Gilarde brought her new awareness to her job and found herself seeing her patients in a different light. “I saw so many people suffering in the hospital with illnesses that they could resolve with simple lifestyle changes,” she says. Plus, she saw how the constraints of the modern health care system did not allow for the kind of one-on-one, ongoing guidance people needed to change their lives.

Determined to help others, Gilarde earned a certification as a health and wellness coach to learn the science behind behavior change. She combined that knowledge with her expertise in nursing, nutrition and energy healing to create a comprehensive coaching approach specifically tailored for each individual. Since 2015, Gilarde has offered her services to clients in the Boston area.

The key to lasting change, Gilarde says, is setting small, attainable goals and making daily lifestyle changes. Gilarde provides guidance regarding exercise, stress-busting strategies, and eating, cooking and shopping to support a healthy diet. She also offers reiki. “A lot of this is basic, but we ignore it,” Gilarde says. “Many of my clients are busy women because, as women, we often put our needs last.”

Gilarde offers complimentary 30-minute strategy sessions to help clients decide if coaching is right for them. “My life is so much better now because I have these tools,” Gilarde says. “I want to share them with other women so they don’t have to go through what I did.”

To learn more, visit Gilarde’s website at Coach4HealthyLiving.com.

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