Koren Specific Technique

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Koren Specific Technique (KST) is a revolutionary approach to the analysis and correction of nervous and energy system blockages and imbalances in the body. This technique is founded on the principle that causes of nerve interference can be physical, emotional or chemical stresses that the body is not able to effectively adapt to. KST does not treat the symptom, but goes deeper to find the root cause of the dysfunction.

When the body is not able to adapt to these life stresses, the body goes into a state of maladaptation and blockages in the nervous system can occur, resulting is body system dysfunction. Diminished health is experienced and is often accompanied by pain because the body is trying to call attention to the problem.

To determine where these body system dysfunctions are located, KST employs an analysis system that uses a binary biofeedback mechanism called the Occipital Drop (OD). With the OD, practitioners are able to tap into the body’s innate wisdom to locate the blockages as well as prioritize which ones should be reduced or eliminated in a way that is most beneficial to the restoration of energetic harmony and increased health.

The correction of the blockages is accomplished through the use of a hand held instrument called an Arthrostim. The Arthrostim delivers a very gentle low force pulse into the nerve without any discomfort to the client. With the neurological and energetic blockages removed, the body systems are able to function optimally and good health is restored.

As a natural health care practitioner in Cambridge trained in KST, I believe that practitioners of KST are able to improve the conditions of patients suffering from all kinds of structural issues like back, neck, hip and knee pain; chemical issues like food and environmental allergies, and hormone imbalances; nutritional issues like gastrointestinal distress, acid reflux and constipation; and other common issues like migraine headaches.

Kristine Jelstrup owns Central Square Health and Wellness, 126 Prospect St. #5, Cambridge. Call 617-833-3407 or visit CentralSquareHealthAndWellness.com

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Koren Specific Technique

Therapy Spotlight
Koren Specific Technique (KST) is a revolutionary approach to the analysis and correction of nervous and energy system blockages and imbalances in the body.