Telling Co-incidences

Now in my early 50s and forever trying to master truly living in the moment, I was delighted to read our feature story by Deborah Shouse, “Aging with Passion and Purpose.” Exposure to wise souls demonstrating how life can be recreated and renewed at any stage brings helpful perspective.

While elders may question younger generations’ reliance on social media as their primary means of communications, we also admit to many opportunities and advantages of being connected when technology is used responsibly; for example, old friends are getting in touch again and grandparents are cementing bonds with grandchildren. Today’s ability to tap into knowledge faster than anyone dreamed possible when I was growing up is enabling individuals to drive positive change in fresh ways. reports a community of 5.5 million young people that are supporting causes through using its social media platform to spread good vibes and societal change. From advocating for animals to eliminating bullying to health and the environment, they are activating en masse.

With my renewed commitment to live more of life “in the moment,” it’s clicked with me that it’s really about living more consciously. Thoughtfully considering the relationship of cause and effect in our lives helps us make better decisions more easily. We all benefit.

Recently, while tending the Natural Awakenings table at the Boston GreenFest, a woman expressed how happy she is to have taken steps to green her lifestyle. She was perplexed about a substitute for plastic wrap. I recalled I’d heard about reusable wraps that are safe for people and the planet, but couldn’t remember the details to help her solve the problem.

The next morning I found what I wanted to share with her online before heading off to the last day of the event, hoping I’d see her again. However unlikely, it would feel good to close the loop. Late that day after we packed up, our intern pushed the cart of expo supplies to the curb and I walked to the garage to get the car. As I stood waiting for a light to change, I watched as two women headed away from me, changed their minds and crossed the street in my direction instead.

As we passed, I greeted them with a customary smiling hello when I recognized the “plastic wrap woman”. Such outward expression of intention is no accident; she wanted a solution and I wanted to offer one. I believe that’s what happens when we mindfully pay attention to what’s right in front of us.

We hope you can join us as The Revolution of Consciousness event returns on September 24 for another uplifting day filled with professionals driven to help others live more healthy and vibrant lives. Visit for more details and please say hello!

To serendipities and co-incidents a plenty!

Maisie Raftery, Publisher

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