Breema Brings Harmony to Daily Life

Breema is the art of being present. As a practice that nurtures the wholeness of the individual, Breema has the profound effect of supporting students to experience their body, mind and feelings working together in unity. As that experience becomes familiar, students become more available to live fully in each moment and experience the harmony that comes from that. A holistic system to support health and self-understanding, Breema includes movements practiced on oneself (Self-Breema exercises), movements practiced with another person (Breema bodywork), and a philosophical teaching epitomized by nine universal principles that provides guidance for living with greater meaning and purpose.

Cultivating a relationship with oneself while practicing Self-Breema

Self-Breema exercises range from vigorous and playful to subtle and grounding. The movements allow a student the unique opportunity to experience being both the giver and receiver simultaneously. This translates to being able to include oneself in any ordinary activity. With regular practice, any movement in daily life—such as tying shoelaces or opening a drawer—can become a Self-Breema, and support participating more fully.

Relating to another person while doing Breema bodywork

Breema bodywork sequences foster remaining connected to oneself while engaged with another student. In the exchange, the emphasis is towards being receptive to one’s own experience, and away from diagnosis or judgment of either oneself or the other student. This focus on “How am I right now?” may provide many insights and be of great value when engaging with family and friends, or in professional situations. Guided by Breema’s philosophy, which highlights the interrelatedness of everything in the universe, the opportunity exists in any circumstance for a student to respond from a desire to support life. After practicing Breema for a length of time, students may find this translates in everyday situations into having greater empathy, experiencing less suffering and taking a posture of expressing sincere well wishing toward others.

Essential support for a harmonious life

The wisdom of Breema is comprehensive and dynamic. At the heart of the teaching are the Nine Principles of Harmony—Body Comfortable, No Extra, Firmness and Gentleness, Full Participation, Mutual Support, No Judgment, Single Moment/Single Activity, No Hurry/No Pause and No Force. The simple invitation of any of the principles while practicing Self-Breema or Breema bodywork gives students new perspectives about how they are in the moment and direction towards what they truly wish for their lives. For example, one student shared, “I was rushing to get ready for work. While brushing my teeth, I was already thinking ahead about driving there. Remembering No Hurry/No Pause, I came out of an imaginary future event and, without changing my pace, I came back to being with my posture and the movements of brushing. For a few moments, I experienced the satisfaction of being present in that simple activity.”

Breema has been taught and practiced in the U.S. and internationally for almost four decades. The Breema Center offers a Practitioner Certification Program and supports classes, workshops and intensives around the world taught by certified Breema instructors. Luna Lacey and Elaine Pendergrast instruct at the Breema Center and offer workshops in New England, including Newton Centre on September 28 & 29. For more information, call 510-428-0937 or visit

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