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Workout Program for New Moms at Koko FitClub

Koko FitClub, a digital gym in Brookline and West Roxbury, now offers a custom training plan designed specifically for new mothers. The Fit Mom program has a postpartum focus that helps new moms safely and gradually reclaim their bodies and rebuild core strength.

“A fit mom is a happy mom,” says Koko Fit- Club owner Lana Lemeshov, “and mothers that combine the demands of parenting with workouts shouldn’t feel guilty because kids with happy, healthy moms are more likely to be happy themselves.”

Lemeshov says that mothers that work out serve as good role models for their children, while also mitigating the effects of parenting stress. “When our bodies are under stress, the heart rate and breathing increase, metabolism slows down and the body starts producing cortisol, which has been linked to overeating,” she says. “Over time, these effects can do real damage. Exercise is a good antidote to stress because it produces endorphins, which bring forth feelings of peace and happiness.”

Locations: Koko FitClub of West Roxbury, 77 Spring St., Shaw’s Plaza, West Roxbury. For more information, call 617-325-4800 or visit Koko FitClub of Brookline, 39 Harvard St., Brookline. For more information, call 617-566-5656 or visit

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