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Natural Awakenings Boston

Janine Gilarde, RN : Coaching for Healthy Living

Janine Gilarde is a registered nurse, health and wellness coach, and Reiki master teacher who works with clients to improve their health. She assists her clients in discovering what nourishes their mind, body and spirit so they are able to transform their lives and mindset through a combination of lifestyle strategies and energy work.

Gilarde draws on her broad background in nutrition, wellness coaching, reiki and preventive health to embrace a unique vision and healing approach—an approach that helps individuals and companies to make better choices for staying healthy. Her programs entail easy-to-use motivational tools and strategies for ongoing accountability, leading to transformation of body, mind and spirit.

Services provided: Holistic care services, including health and wellness coaching and holistic healing with reiki; private reiki sessions, reiki community workshops and reiki certification training; wellness workshops and personalized programs to support health, well-being and healing; 30-minute wellness consultations let clients determine if coaching is a fit.

Areas of specialty: Stress management, reiki, chronic disease management and prevention, lifestyle interventions, behavior change, whole food nutrition, emotional eating, weight loss without diets.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: Gilarde says, “I believe in a whole-person approach to wellness. Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Every person can have a healthier life, and I’m committed to helping you at every stage of your journey.”

Janine Gilarde, RN. Serving the greater Boston area. For more information, call 617-610-0734, email [email protected] or visit