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Elise M. Brenner, Ph.D. : Reiki Master Teacher Brenner Reiki Healing

Reiki practice puts the body in the best condition to do what it is designed to do—heal itself. Whether you are exploring reiki for relief from troubling physical conditions, or seeking a happier more vitalized self, Brenner Reiki Healing offers a comforting and professional setting in which to discover reiki’s health and wellness-promoting benefits.

Services provided: With more than a decade of practice and teaching, master practitioner and teacher Elise Brenner of Brenner Reiki Healing provides individualized reiki treatments; a monthly community reiki clinic; monthly reiki training for all levels; reiki outreach and education to community groups and organizations; reiki shares for practitioners; and mentoring for reiki practitioners all in a supportive environment to assist in guiding you to heal yourself and others through reiki.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: “Many of us find ourselves living with uncertainty, waiting for the ‘next shoe to drop’. This causes a weathering of all the body’s systems. Reiki practice allows us to connect to ourselves, to one another, to our day-to-day routines, and to the natural world from a more solid, calm and clear heart-mind-body. In so doing, we get a chance to live in that strong, calm and clear state of being with ourselves and others,” says Brenner.

Elise M. Brenner, Ph.D., Brenner Reiki Healing, 324 Central St., Newton. For more information, call 617-244-8856, email [email protected] or visit