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Natural Awakenings Boston

The Gut: From Health to Enlightenment: Cho Greenwater, Body & Brain Yoga Tai-chi

Aug 18, 2017 07:49AM

This workshop will guide you to improve the condition of your gut, which is often referred to as your Second Brain.  Energetically, the gut is connected to the second chakra. The gut influences the body’s digestion, circulation, immune response and production of neurotransmitters essential for maintaining physical and mental health.  Through this workshop you will learn how good maintenance of your gut health creates a foundation for living an enlightened life. We will introduce you to basic energy principles for achieving and maintaining optimal energy circulation and guide you in simple exercises and techniques to improve your overall condition.  

Cho Greenwater has guided thousands of people to live a healthy physical, mental and spiritual life through helping them improve their natural healing power. He has been working for 20 years with Body & Brain Yoga as an instructor, healer, educator and trainer for many spiritual workshops. He is also the director of the Earth Citizen Movement in Boston.

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