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The Hidden Connection: Uncovering Your Capacity to Heal Through Intelligence of the Microbes that live in, on and around us: Kathleen DiChiara, Rhode to Health

Most people would agree that food should nourish our bodies rather than contribute to disease and illness. However, we are not the only ones at the table. There is an inextricable link between human health and the microbes within us, just as there are between plant health and the microbes in the soil. Speaking through the lens of a practitioner, patient and parent, this lecture will stimulate your thinking about the hidden connection between what we feed our microbiome and the role it plays in preventing and reversing chronic disease. Using food as our guide, we will explore the bacteria, beliefs and behaviors that shape our life and our capacity to heal.

As a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, nutrition educator, researcher and author, Kathleen has dedicated her work to increasing the public’s knowledge about the connection between nutrition and patterns of disease. Her studies and practices aim to address the health of the whole by taking into account the physiology and biochemistry of the human body and our connection to our external world in nature. Her personal journey back to health and her son’s autism recovery serve as the inspiration for her work and a reminder of our innate capacity to heal. She has a passion for nutrition and microbial research and an insatiable curiosity about the many ways in which we can access healing opportunities every day.

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