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How Your Body Really Works: Understanding the Energetic & Physical Body: Ray Veilleux, The Health Medium

Sep 04, 2017 05:28PM

Learn how your body works energetically. The Health Medium Ray Veilleux will provide an explanation in simple terms how your physical body works. He will demonstrate basic energy medicine exercises that help improve anyone's well-being. Discover the three most common health interruptions he finds among his hundreds of client and finally obtain a basic supplement regimen you should consider for optimum health.

Ray Veilleux, the Health Medium, has read hundreds of clients in poor health across the world from an intuitive point of view. He considers it his life’s purpose to help people find alternative methods that will optimize their well-being. He feels that a combination of modern modalities as well as proper nutrition and energy medicine is the key to your best personal physical well-being. When your energy systems are aligned and balanced, your body is then set to take advantage of the nourishment you provide it. This allows you to have better control of your overall health. Trained in several energetic modalities he is able to help people realize the truth their true potential for well-being.

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