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Dentistry Enhanced by Use of Ozone

Dr. Amparo David is excited to offer what looks to be the future state-of-the-art treatment for her patients: ozone therapy. At Dentistry by Dr. David, in Bolton, ozone is used as part of, or an adjunct to, many treatments.

Ozone is among the most misunderstood elements. It is often mistakenly referred to as a pollutant, and many people think it is unhealthy. In fact, the opposite is true. Ozone is a variation of oxygen, which has many therapeutic uses. Its benefits have been researched and documented extensively. There also appears to be a healing reaction instituted by the body upon exposure to ozone. This will prove to be a very useful medicine for dentists to utilize in many different situations.

Ozone is a natural substance, which can often take the place of caustic chemicals and invasive techniques. Ozone kills infective microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi on contact, improves blood flow, amplifies immune responses, speeds healing and decreases risk of post-surgical infections. Cavities exposed to ozone gas may subsequently harden. Sometimes no drilling or filling is required. Utilizing the gas during root canal treatment appears to increase the probability of obtaining a successful root canal.

Ozonated water, oil and gas are used in combination in the office and at home to kill the bacteria responsible for gum disease and gum tissue irritation. Areas of failed root canals, cavitations (osteonecrotic lesions) or even failed implants may be healed by injecting ozone into the area. Ozone therapy can be used along with regular dental cleanings to simply maintain optimal oral health.

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