Nature's Secret

Welcome to the April edition! We’ve got an issue packed with yummy bits of information on giving our bodies what they need, unlocking the power of soil, personal and planetary health, breaking bread to rebuild community and much more.

I like the special opportunity that springtime brings us, especially here in the northern hemisphere where we see dramatic changes as we start to break out of winter hibernation. We get countless opportunities to enjoy the new growth that nature gifts us with as she transforms the world around us.

During a recent book study in which we took a deep dive into the works of New Thought Leader and author, Ernest Holmes, I got to explore a bit about divine patterns in nature and how they are also evident in our lives. I hadn’t previously ever spent a lot of time considering those patterns enough to compare the natural progression of life and personal growth to them until then.

One of my patterns is that I do a lot of rushing around. I’ve been deeply blessed and am grateful that my life is full and there is never a dull moment. There’s always something for me to do or somewhere I need to be. When I took the time out to compare my pattern to nature’s, I realized that when I’m rushing around hurriedly, I don’t get to fully enjoy the experiences the way I believe nature intends.

Contemplating nature’s cyclical movements, patterns and timing lead me to a fresh and new level of realization—there’s no hurry, nature’s got this. That’s when I decided to do a little experiment with my life and listen to Emerson who encourages us to “adopt the pace of nature… her secret is patience.” It seems to be working quite well for me. Letting go of the “rush” has magically allowed life and time to fall into order.

I think most of us believe in some higher power, whether we call it God, Buddha, Allah, Source, Divinity or whatever else we are most comfortable with. Regardless of what any of us call it, to me it’s nature, which knows what to do, doesn’t question, doesn’t worry and doesn’t hurry. Instead, nature, which we are an integral aspect of, knows with unwavering faith and only moves forward peacefully. This epiphany led to my first step forward in establishing a new pattern. I am opening up, surrendering to the higher power and allowing something greater than me to guide me on the path.

Wishing you and yours a spring filled with an allowing of peace and ease, inside and out.

Maisie Raftery, Publisher

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