Effective, All-Natural Herbal Insect Repellent for People and Pets

SkyTherapy, an organic, all-natural line of body products, has developed an effective herbal insect repellent that works for people and pets. The Protector is an aromatherapy herbal spray that repels insects with the essential oils of organic lemongrass and ylang ylang, says SkyTherapy owner Kimberly Sparks.

“We dug deep into herbal remedies as repellents because we live in tick country and love to be outdoors enjoying summer activities with family members, friends and pets,” says Sparks. “This product safely repels many types of insects, so it’s great for protecting kids, the elderly and everyone else.”

A Reiki Master and teacher, Sparks launched SkyTherapy, in 2011, after serious health challenges sent her on a mission to find safe and natural soaps, sea salts, underarm powders and oils. Today she is healthy and living without traditional medicines as she grows the SkyTherapy product line, which includes soaps with medicinal qualities. Lemongrass is the most popular, followed by lavender, cedarwood and others.

One of the most popular products at SkyTherapy is the Dead Sea Mineral Mud, which has the highest concentration of all-natural minerals in the world. Medicinal uses for the mineral mud include drying poison ivy and treating bee and wasp stings, acne, pet wounds and minor scrapes and burns. SkyTherapy also sells Tea Tree of Life herbal spray and soaps, which are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

The Protector is the newest product to come from SkyTherapy, and Sparks says the time is right. “We all need to be proactive, as West Nile virus, Lyme disease and flea infestations are on the rise,” she says. “Our skin is the biggest organ of our body, which is why I always recommend avoiding DEET and other harsh chemicals and using a non-toxic herbal remedy or essential oil remedy for repelling insects.”

To purchase the herbal repellant, visit SkyTherapyInc.com. For more information, call 401-323-4149, email SkyTherapy@aol.com or visit SkyTherapy on Facebook. 

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SkyTherapy is an organic, all-natural line of body products developed by Kimberly Sparks, a Reiki master and teacher in West Warwick, Rhode Island.
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