M*A*S*H Integrative Health Care for Animals

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Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton (MASH) offers a unique combination of conventional veterinary medicine and alternative therapies in a balanced whole health approach to pet care. The goal is to support a pet’s vital energy for good health and self-healing. MASH integrates nutrition therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy and other services with traditional diagnostics and treatment. Some of the more innovative services include the following:

Medical Ozone Therapy – an oxidative modality that reduces infection inflammation and pain, while it improves circulation and healing. It is used for bacterial, viral and fungal infections, as well as cancer and autoimmune issues. It improves health and well-being and potentiates other medical treatments.

Biophotonic (UVBI) – a blood therapy that boosts the immune system by applying ozone therapy and ultraviolet light to an animal’s blood, which has been mixed with a small amount of Biocean, containing trace minerals from the bottom of the ocean. The photoluminescence stimulates healthy cells and destroys or weakens viruses and bacterias that do not like light or oxygen. This procedure is good for infections, cancer and Lyme.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) – a treatment designed to boost the supply of oxygen to ischemic or diseased tissues that respond to increased oxygen levels. The animal relaxes in a chamber with elevated oxygen pressure.

Micro-Biome Restorative Therapy (MBRT) – the introduction of healthy cultures of fecal microbes to correct an imbalance of microbes caused by antibiotics, pesticides or other chemicals. Reintroducing a healthy biome from a healthy dog or cat helps to reestablish the hundreds of species needed for proper digestion and absorption.

Prolotherapy/Prolozone – a natural injection used to treat pain arising from ligaments, tendons and degenerated joints. Prolozone has ozone added to increase the success of the therapy and stimulate more stem cells.

MASH is located at 72 W. Main St., Hopkinton. Learn more at MASHVet.com.

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