The BioMed Center

A Whole New Paradigm for Medicine

The American Center for Bioregulatory Medicine and Dentistry (The BioMed Center), in Providence, is the most comprehensive center in North America for bioregulatory medicine and dentistry, offering an individualized approach to attaining optimal health. Its 12,800-square-foot facility provides access to innovative, evidence-based technologies from across the globe.

Using non-invasive, leading-edge technology and comprehensive assessment, bioregulatory health care is a revolutionary system that explores the root causes of chronic disease and corrects the imbalances that occur at multiple levels—cellular, tissue, organ, energetic or emotional. The center’s unique team of physicians, dentists, therapists and professional staff work with patients to assess, detoxify, nourish and restructure in ways that support the human body’s amazing natural capacity to heal, repair, restore and regenerate.

The human body is a complex network of 12 interdependent systems (including digestive, excretory, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular). While a patient may be under the care of multiple specialists (i.e., gastroenterologist, urologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist), the focus may be on a particular body part and may not be addressing all the connections between the various systems. After a full day of comprehensive assessments at the BioMed Center, both doctor and patient attain a clearer perception of what is happening throughout the entire body.

For example, whole body regulation thermometry is an assessment that takes skin temperature readings at 119 points on the body, before and after stress, to assess circulation patterns and identify areas of vulnerability or dysregulation. Heart rate variability (HRV) measures arterial compliance and elasticity, however, in addition to measuring cardiac risk factors, it also reflects the health of the autonomic nervous system.

The harmony and ability of a body and its systems to self-regulate depend on milieu—the environment in which each organ, cell and structure is immersed. Today many human bodies carry a toxic burden that is unprecedented, impairing physiological regulatory mechanisms that govern metabolism, immune response and organ function. BioMed patients may gain insight into their own tissue health and toxicity with a bioimpedance analysis (BIA).

A full list of assessment and therapeutic technologies, with descriptions, is available on the center’s website and includes the following: ClearMind neurobiofeedback, colon hydrotherapy, dynamic light therapy, IV nutrient therapy, Hemo-Sonic, whole body low-level hyperthermia, soundbed therapy, comprehensive dental care, laser periodontics, biocompatible restorative dentistry, sleep apnea therapy and TMJ therapy.

At the BioMed Center, a patient advocate serves as a foundational relationship for each patient, from the first phone call through the entire experience. Listening, questioning and offering hope, the patient advocate holds a space and intention for the whole of each person. Patients feel heard and supported in their physical, emotional and spiritual elements as they move towards their individual goals in health.

To help patients better understand the BioMed process, the center offers its comprehensive book, Bioregulatory Medicine: An Innovative Holistic Approach to Self-Healing. The medical director of the BioMed Center, Heather Tallman Ruhm, M.D., has this to say about the book, “Bioregulatory Medicine is a refreshing look at what matters in medicine and how we can work with the human body, not against it, and without fear. We are all a complex integrated system of body-mind-spirit and, I might add, community. Each of us is unique; each person has their own presentation and history.”

The book explains how bioregulatory medicine uses modern technology to assess which systems are most burdened, acknowledges the wisdom of ancient traditions and embraces new approaches to help bodies gently detoxify, rebuild and self-regulate in order to heal.

Location: 111 Chestnut St., Providence. For appointments and information, call 1-833-8BIOMED, email or visit

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