The Practice of Being Present

Mindfulness, meditation and being present are popular topics that are highly appealing as they lead to decreased stress and tension, increased energy, clearer thinking, more connection, authentic relationships, better health, sharper memory, lower blood pressure and less anxiety. But to be able to experience these positive effects in our life, a commitment is necessary to start and then sustain a practice of being present.

As a threefold approach that supports individuals to enter the present moment, Breema leaves nothing out. There are Nine Principles of Harmony to work with the mind, bodywork and self-care exercises to work with the body, and an essential teaching of non-judgment to work with the feelings.

Breema offers a solid foundation for an experience of being present. The selfcare exercises deepen connection to one’s own body. The partner bodywork releases tension both when receiving and when giving. The principles remind the practitioner of what is most important in any moment. The spoken exchanges that take place in classes express the essential relationship students have with themselves. The non-judgmental atmosphere allows for mutual support and connection to body, mind and feelings.

In his recent book, Real Health Means Harmony with Existence, director Jon Schreiber describes the accessibility and the purpose of the Breema practice:

“Breema is a way of life. It’s not just for when you are doing a treatment. It’s for your daily life. When you wake up in the morning, you could take a big breath, and say “Thank you.” When you brush your teeth, you could be with the movement of your hand, with your posture. Why not experience the water on your face as you wash up? You could take a few seconds from each hour at your job to feel your body’s weight on your chair and say to yourself, “I want to know I have a body.” Then breathe. Each hour, why not choose one thing that you’re going to do anyway, and try to make that activity Self-Breema? When you’re going to open your bag and take out an apple, open the zipper with your whole body. Experience the movement of your arm as you bring the apple to your mouth. Let every cell in your body participate as you chew. These, or any other simple ways of bringing Breema into your day, can gradually change your life. Nothing can really help us unless we put it into practice. This is the first principle of development. Only doing can help.”

Although some practices emphasize attainment, being present is not something one can just achieve and retain. There is no diploma a person can receive that enables them to be present all the time. Presence is the experience of unity between body, mind and feelings—that is the taste, the experience that Breema offers.

The Breema Center offers a Practitioner Certification Program and supports classes, workshops and intensives around the world taught by certified Breema instructors. Luna Lacey is a staff instructor at the Breema Center, who teaches Breema classes and workshops throughout New England. For more information, call 510-428-0937 or visit

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