Margo Roman, DVM, CVA, COT, CPT, of Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton (MASH)

MASH uses holistic and integrative modalities to optimize an animal’s health. We recognize that your pet is an important member of your family. From well visits to chronic disease, we offer medicine that respects the integrity of your pet’s mind, body and spirit.

Services provided: Homeopathy, acupuncture, aquapuncture, prolozone, chiropractic, conventional medicine and surgery, dentistry, laboratory diagnostics, herbal medicine, glandular therapy, raw diet support, hyperbaric chamber, essential oils and aromatherapy, naet, trace mineral hair analysis, energy medicine, final care and humane euthanasia.

Areas of specialty: Ultraviolet Light Blood Irradiation (UVBI) Therapy and Micro- Biome Restoration Therapy (MBRT), functional nutrition, functional medicine, ozone therapy, vaccine titers, immune system support, and cancer prevention and support.

Healing/healthy living philosophy: “We look at the whole patient and try to determine the best plan of action,” says Dr. Roman. “We offer conventional and alternative therapies in a balanced whole health approach. Our goal is to support an animal’s vital energy for good health and self-healing.”

Margo Roman, DVM, Main Street Animal Services of Hopkinton, 72 West Main St., Hopkinton. For more information, call 508-435-4077 or visit

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