Gratitude as a Way of Life

Maisie Raftery

It’s easy to remember to focus on gratitude in November. Most of us in the U.S. celebrate the traditional Thanksgiving holiday and become a little more conscious of what we have to be grateful for around this time of year.

         In this month’s Wise Words article, “Kristi Nelson on Why Gratefulness Brings Happiness”, by April Thompson, we learn the differences between gratefulness, gratitude and thanksgiving. Although I hadn’t ever given much thought to any difference, I’m thankful to have a deeper level of understanding now.

         Whether it’s getting older, deepening the spiritual connection that I’ve been cultivating the last several years, or even that publishing this magazines forces me into expanding my consciousness, I’m far more consciously aware of how expressing and feeling gratitude can bring me back to center, especially in challenging times.

         It’s not always easy to find gratitude, gratefulness or thanksgiving when times are tough. We all experience life’s ups and downs and manage them with whatever tools we’ve got at that particular time and space in our lives. I haven’t always been grateful for the “bad” things I’ve experienced, but finding a path to gratitude through the most challenging times has assuredly led me to a new level of peace and ease during and after negative experiences.

         In the long run, though the clouds can get very dark at times, once I pass through a particular difficulty, it most always seems to turn out for the best in the long run. Despite the unknowns in any moment, I’ve begun to look through the tough stuff with fresh eyes that leave space for me to experience the challenge with the trust that things are always working out for me.

         Today I’m committing to consciously look for things to be grateful for at least once a day and to make a practice out of gratefulness, gratitude and thanksgiving. I’ve got a feeling it will pay off in even deeper levels of peace at all times.

         With deep and heartfelt gratefulness, gratitude and thanksgiving I wish you and yours a most splendid Happy Thanksgiving!

Maisie Raftery, Publisher



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