Copper H2O: Staying Hydrated the Ayurvedic Way

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Did you know that drinking water stored in a copper water bottle can be beneficial to your health? According to ayurvedic medicine, water stored in a copper vessel (which is known as “tamra jal”) balances the three doshas in the body (vata, kapha and pitta) by gently infusing the water with the many positive health properties of copper. For example, copper is anti-bacterial, acts as an effective anti-oxidant, improves immunity, supports good health, prevents aging, eliminates toxins and free radicals and stimulates the brain.

Although the concept of storing water in copper vessels arose centuries ago and has its origins in ayurvedic medicine, the practice is increasingly gaining attention from the mainstream scientific community. In fact, recent scientific studies have shown that drinking water stored in a copper vessel can have attractive health benefits. According to ayurvedic medicine, drinking water from a copper vessel can improve the digestive system, help build a strong immune system, slow the aging process, maintain cardiovascular health, support the thyroid gland, stimulate the brain, fight arthritis and inflamed joints, and keep skin healthy and acne free.

Recent studies have also shown that storing water in a copper vessel is a great way to safely and inexpensively make natural alkaline water. Many health advocates believe that alkaline water helps neutralize acidity in the body and thereby increases energy levels, boosts the immune system, supports weight loss, detoxifies the body, cleanses the colon, rejuvenates the skin and supports the health of muscles and joints. Recent studies have shown that alkaline water can benefit those with high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol, and that it can also neutralize acid in the bloodstream leading to improved circulation and increased oxygen distribution throughout the body.

Not all copper water bottles are created equal, so be sure to do your research and invest in a quality copper bottle. In particular, make sure to choose a copper bottle made from 100 percent pure high-grade food safe copper with no other metals, alloys or lining. You may also wish to choose a copper bottle with a hammered texture, as this increases the surface area of copper on the inside of the bottle and thereby enhances the health benefits.

Copper H2O offers high-quality copper water bottles along with good karma: it donates 15 percent of its profits to several nonprofit organizations that work to supply clean drinking water in developing countries. Copper H2O’s bottles are handmade by skilled artisans using traditional techniques and are all made from 100 percent pure high-grade, food-safe copper without any other metals, alloys or lining.

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