Bhavna’s Wellness Group Takes You on an Emotional Journey

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Bhavna Srivastava’s mission in life is to create a ripple effect of love in the hearts of 100 million women, children, men and veterans— leading to peace in families, communities and around the world. A longterm goal, Srivastava hopes to replace anger, hurt, pain, traumas, PTSD, negative emotions, fear, sickness and mental, emotional and physical sexual abuse with peace and happiness.

Founder and owner of Bhavna’s Wellness Group—a holistic wellness facility, in Shrewsbury—Srivastava goes by many titles including transformational coach, spiritual leader, transformational speaker, mentor, NLP practitioner and bestselling author of two books on transformation and healing traumas and relationships. She spends her days providing healing at the core level, both spiritually and physically, to those that are suffering. Additionally, she often performs speaking engagements on various spiritual and wellness subjects.

The group offers numerous services to clients to help them stay well and live their lives to the fullest. Some proven programs include reiki, massage, angel card readings, counseling, coaching, nutritional consulting, Native American prayers, meditations and functional medicine. Many educational opportunities are also offered, including reiki I and II, advanced spirituality workshops and the brand new program, the Awesome You Program.

The Awesome You Program abides by the idea that our everyday lives are ruled by emotions and feelings, both positive and negative. Throughout this program, clients will learn how to understand their negative emotions when they arise, care for them and then release them energetically. Such negative emotions include guilt, shame, sadness, depression, pain, heartache, fear, jealousy, anxiety and self-worth. Once these negative emotions are released, clients will be able to replace them with positive emotions.

The Awesome You program in its entirety consists of monthly group webinars and personalized phone calls before culminating with a retreat workshop. It is an ideal program for business owners, coaches, mentors and other individuals looking to clear the fog of negative emotions. Srivastava’s wellness and spiritual retreats typically provide intensive meditation, energy connection while affecting the energy in one’s aura to connect and receive the energy of the Divine ancient places, churches or temples in different parts of the world.

These retreats provide for the mind, body and spirit of each participant. Srivastava is currently enrolling for her 2018 retreats in India and Peru, and is planning for additional trips in 2019, both international and in the U.S.

For more information on Bhavna’s Wellness Group and The Awesome You Program, email Bhavna Srivastava at or visit

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Business Spotlight
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