Floatation Therapy in Boston

Float Out the Door at Balans Organic Spa and Wellness Studio

Marie Aspling, founder and owner of Balans, says floating clients “usu­ally come out in awe, having experienced a deep sense of relaxation and stress relief.” Repeat customers use it to reduce anxiety, stress and pain, and it also helps with sleep and hormonal balancing.

In addition to floatation therapy, Balans offers postural therapy, massage, movement, nutrition, organic skincare and more. “We live and share a lifestyle that supports health and well-being, which has a significant impact on people’s lives, both in their work and in their home. By living this way ourselves, we share our own experience in the most genuine, educated and knowledgeable way,” she says.

Balans Organic Spa & Wellness Studio is located at 376 Boylston St., Boston. For more information, call 617-450-8333 or visit BostonBalans.com.

Let Go at FLOAT Boston

At FLOAT Boston, in Somerville, clients “are amazed at how good they feel,” says CoFounder Sara Garvin, LMT. She maintains that after float­ing, people experience less pain, and are more relaxed, refreshed, cen­tered and grounded. Research is finding that floating helps the brain regulate the system for whatever is needed: either relaxation or invigoration.

Everyone can benefit from floating, and Garvin and the rest of the staff are deeply committed to making floating available to everyone that needs it. FLOAT has donated dozens of floatation therapy sessions to local raffles and fundraisers since opening. Programs are available to help people that might not be able to afford the regular prices, and Garvin is looking for potential sponsors for special interest groups, like veterans with PTSD.

Location: 515 Medford St (Magoun Square), Somerville. For more information, call 844-44-FLOAT or visit FloatBoston.com.

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Floatation Therapy in Boston

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