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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

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Alithia Monroe

The Beauty Therapist

137 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116

I'm Alithia (Ally) Monroe, a Physician Assistant and practice Dermatology in a concierge Family Medicine practice in Back Bay Boston since 2009. I'm from a Mental Health Practitioner family, my Grandfather was a Child Psychiatrist and my Mother, an Angola Minister and this instilled a knowing and respect for diverse holistic, religious, and medical healing methods. Administering facial botox® within a Family Medicine practice, I am able to follow patient's continuation of full care. I observe people look better, of course, but also witness them get their "game back" following botox treatments feeling less sad and more motivated. This lead me to search for what turned out to be fairly robust research showing that when the neuromodulator (brand name botox®) is injected into "the frown muscle" of subjects with Major Depressive Disorder, they report less sadness and reduced depression scale scores from baseline. Neuroimaging studies show parallel brain shifts with attenuated signaling to negative emotional stimuli in the botox® group compared to placebo. Double blind, randomized studies show the positive effects to be statistically significant and usually occur 2-3 weeks after treatment. I am mission driven to help people along their Healing path by improving facial expressions with botox®, thereby quieting the frown muscle facilitating more positive feedback and a better mood.