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Natural Awakenings Boston


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I believe that all human beings are unique. In order to bring the greatest benefits to my clients, I incorporate a holistic and comprehensive approach to developing a process that meets your individual needs. We are all multi-faceted people, working to find balance within the many roles that we fulfill in our lives. While I understand that we often find ourselves feeling as if our lives are stretched so thin that we cannot find that balance necessary to find an easeful life, Im here to reassure you that not only is it possible to obtain, but you also have all the necessary tools inside of you to be able to do just that! I would be honored to be of service to you as you navigate your personal journey through the many challenges of life. I operate from a sense of compassion and empathy and am willing to share strategies for helping you to live in peace and gratitude. Sessions with me feature a comprehensive and holistic approach combining mind-body-spirit. They may feature a life wellness evaluation, wellness/life coaching, counseling, spiritual coaching, affirmation therapy, guided imagery meditations, mindfulness teachings, yoga, and positive psychology techniques. I will work together with you to create an individualized plan that will enable you to be the best possible version of you!