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Natural Awakenings Boston

Karina Beleno Carney, Lic.Ac., FABORM

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Well-Being Acupuncture Center
16 Hollis Street
Groton, MA 01450

(978) 294-9291

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Founded 2005

Karina Beleno Carney, Lic.Ac., FABORM, has a family practice, offering holistic treatment for acute and chronic pain, insomnia, digestive issues, allergies, and stress/anxiety/depression. Karina's clinical focus is in reproductive health: women's health, infertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. Karina has been in practice since 2005.

***Thank you for reaching out. Due to the Governor's Emergency Order, we are closed for all in-person appointments through at least April 8th, if not longer.

I am also offering holistic telehealth sessions on a limited basis. These sessions are available for 30 minute phone or video conferencing. If you need a guided self-acupressure, TuiNa, or Qi Gong session to cope with pain, anxiety/depression, or health concerns including but not limited to lung health, sleep health, and digestive health, or if you want to discuss Chinese Medicinal Herbal options, I am happy to set aside time for you in a telehealth session. Acupuncturists are trained in much more than simply needle insertion! We can spend our telehealth session discussing holistic ways to improve fertility and women's health concerns, or to talk through support for an assisted reproductive technology such as an IUI or IVF. While this feels like a time of uncertainty, please trust your bodies, stay healthy, and keep your immunity and your spirits strong. I appreciate your support and continued patronage during these trying times.