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Natural Awakenings Greater Boston - Rhode Island

Welcome to Our May Issue

Apr 30, 2011 12:50AM ● By Maisie Raftery

In last month’s letter, I promised to share the story of how I became a fan of Natural Awakenings. It’s fitting because it was exactly a year ago that my life took a significant turn for the better as the direct result of my reading a local edition of this magazine in another city.
Early last year, after having spent 25 years in the lumber and building materials industry with a brief stint in the restaurant business, I found myself unemployed. With my financial future uncertain, I nevertheless embarked upon my annual “girl’s trip” with childhood friends on May 1, sensing that it was a good investment in my emotional health. I never dreamed how that 10th anniversary adventure would change the course of my life.

Having enjoyed the local edition of Natural Awakenings in my Rhode Island hometown, I was surprised to come across one in Central Florida as well. I didn’t know it was nationwide phenomenon. Wow, that was an awakening of sorts in itself. The headline that grabbed my attention could not have better suited to my need; it asked me to “Join Our Family of Publishers.” The graphics sported the smiling faces of dozens of local publishers.

An epiphany ensued. My soul knew at once, with perfect clarity, that the often trying, life- altering events of the previous 12 months were to serve as stepping stones set to carry me forward to connect with this incredible family of like-minded human beings. Far more than a magazine, Natural Awakenings is a growing community of amazingly caring publishers, practitioners, advertisers, distributors and editorial contributors that are dedicating their time, talents and resources to help more than 3 million readers improve their own lives. I am pleased to bring Natural Awakenings franchise number 82 to our local natural health and green living community in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. We wouldn’t be here without your enthusiastic support.

This month we bring you a jam-packed Women’s Wellness issue (watch for Men’s Wellness next month). In our feature article, “Natural Beauty ~ Head To Toe,” Frances Lefkowitz explains the vital importance of caring for ourselves from the inside out as well as from the outside in (page 16). In our Healthy Kids department, Jessica Iclisoy provides guidance for preparing for a healthy pregnancy and natural style of mothering (page 26). Linda Sechrist’s “Restorative Rubdowns” explores how few actions are as multi-beneficial to body, mind and spirit as massage (page 30). So, treat yourself to this edition of Natural Awakenings, and feel free to include a massage in honor of you!

Be sure to let us know what you would like to see more of in these pages. We love to receive helpful feedback. Also remember to send in your local story ideas; just email me at [email protected]. Please submit your news briefs and calendar listings online at our website,

I invite you now to open your mind, settle in, relax and read on.

Wishing you peace and wellness always,
Maisie Raftery, Publisher