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June 2011 Letter From the Publisher: June 2011

Summer is here! Anticipating the start of summer each year always brings back happy memories growing up, including family trips to Old Orchard Beach: the blinding sunshine, the sounds of gulls and waves rolling in, the joys of a seaside amusement park. If we could convince Dad to let us wade in, he was ready at the water’s edge making sure that no one went in past their ankles, else the ocean would surely swallow us up. We felt fearless, loved and safe.

Making cherished memories can mean all the difference in a life… physically, mentally and emotionally. We don’t have to wait another day to make one happen. This month we honor good fathers and good men everywhere with our special edition on Men’s Wellness. We give a little extra TLC to our male readers, while speaking to topics of universal interest. Ladies, consider passing this one on to the special men in your life; it may help all of you live healthier and happier.

Judith Fertig’s feature article, “Just Take Five” is a good place to start. It summarizes a short list of easy-to-do healthier habits that can change everything for the better. I have newfound appreciation for cooked tomatoes and gouda cheese. Read pages 20 through 22 to find out why.

As we look forward to summer, Janet Forgrieve helps families make the most of the opportunity with “Five Ways to Boost Kid’s Brains Once School is Out,” on page 28. You’ll find activity tips for learning-disguised-as-fun that are sure to engage children of all ages.

On page 30, barefoot running expert Jason Robillard puts a fresh spin on exercise for anyone who has questioned the source of running injuries. Locally, Slava Kolpakov (page 31) and Dr. Rob Mirandola (page 32) show the way to prevent problems during a transition to barefoot running or minimalist shoes. As you know, summer brings a wealth of exciting, fun and often free events throughout the Greater Boston area, so be sure to check our Calendar, starting on page 33. If you have a future event to list, please visit NaturalAwakenings and click on the Calendar tab.

I want to thank our advertisers and distribution sites for making this magazine possible. Please support those who are supporting us. They work hard to bring you healthy living/healthy planet products and services every day. Then let us know what you think; we love to hear from you.


Wishing you peace and wellness always,

Maisie Raftery, Publisher